Numbers On The Internet Are Dead

Are you frustrated by how you publish numbers and data on your website? You want to be a thought leader, you publish data-laden charts, tables, PDFs and info-graphics - and it feels good. However, when your customers come to use what you have put up, they struggle. And you are out of the loop.

The Problems Are Numerous

But finally they have all been solved. See below.


What Happens To Your Data Once It Leaves Your Website?

Your customers may have downloaded your PDF full of interesting data... but what they do with it, and how its used, and how far it reaches - you have no idea. But you could.


Copies of Your Data Break The Connection

When someone sees an infographic on your website, they might copy, by hand, the numerical informaion into their own spreadsheet. Now, if you update the numbers in that info-graphic - they will never know. The link has been broken. Their calculations will not update. But they should.


Your Own Data Is Hard To Update

Your graphic designers have spent days making your data look pretty, but to use it, your customer have to re-type it all in.

Copy and paste don't work inside an image. But they should.


How Is Your Data Saved?

Maybe you have a stunning chart that you have produced and its on your website for all world to see and use. It contains hundreds of really valuable data points... but no one can actually use it because the data is locked away in the image and there is no way to get it out. Without a download button your data has become art - nice to look at but not to play with.


Your Customers Want to Share Your Data But They Can't

You've spent many person-hours making valuable data for your customers and they now want to share it within their networks. But how can they? There is no share button on an image nor its own link. Without the right technology your data will not go viral. But it deserves to


How Can Your Data Ever Be Found

You've paid thousands of dollars to do great research. You know people want to see it. You've put it on your website. But how can it be found? Search engines just don't do a good enough job at finding your data.

The Big Crunch has solved these problems

The Big Crunch is the next evolution in global information sharing and collaboration. Just like you put your videos on YouTube, and your blogs on Medium, and the map to your office on Google Maps, you now put your data on The Big Crunch for all the world to find, use, build upon, and share.

Your Data Wants to Be Free. Release it.

Want to Learn More?

If any of these problems resonated with you our team would be happy to work with you during our Early Access release to get you onto the platform. Please email us to get help freeing your data.

(If you are a developer... try the back door)